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Drug News: Holland bans khat leaves (VIDEO) : Chewing of khat can make you happy, but it can also lead to psychosis. – Andrew MeldrumJanuary 11, 2012 13:45

BOSTON — It makes you feel alert and happy. It makes you talkative and it’s a green leaf.

So why is the Dutch government banning khat?

Because prolonged chewing of its leaves and twigs can lead to psychosis.

The Dutch government announced Wednesday that it will ban the use of the khat, a mild narcotic, according to the BBC.

Khat (catha edulis) is a leaf that when chewed releases juices that act as natural stimulant. It is widely and wildly popular across the Horn of Africa, especially in Somalia.

The Netherlands’ Schipol Airport is a hub to transport khat imported from the Horn of Africa to other European countries. It is not known if another European airport will take over as the transport hub for the European khat trade. Last year khat worth about $18 million was imported to Holland, alone.

More from GlobalPost: Somaliland’s addict economy

There are concerns that the drug can cause psychosis or trigger on schizophrenia.

The Netherlands traditionally has a liberal approach to soft drugs. But the Dutch government cited noise, litter and the perceived public threat posed by men who chew khat as some of the reasons for outlawing the drug.

“I’m involved in the ban because it appears to cause serious problems, particularly in the Somali community,” Dutch immigration minister Gerd Leers is quoted as saying by Radio Netherlands.

He said that 10 percent of Somali men in the Netherlands were badly affected by the drug.

“They are lethargic and refuse to co-operate with the government or take responsibility for themselves or their families,” he said.

Some critics of the Dutch government allege that the ban on khat is actually a swipe at the Somali immigrants, who are largely Muslim.

Very few Dutch nationals use the drug, which is mainly chewed by people from Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Yemen.

More than 25,000 Somalis now live in Holland and as the population has grown, so has the chewing of khat leaves.

Right now khat is legally imported through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport four times a week. Khat leaves need to be fresh, or they lose their potency.

There are many reasons why khat is so popular. Users feel more alert and happy and they become more talkative. Khat suppresses the appetite.

However, heavy use can lead to insomnia, high blood pressure, heart problems and impotence, according to the Talk To Frank, a website about drugs. There is a longer-term risk of mouth cancers. Prolonged use can also create feelings of anxiety and aggression, and cause paranoid and psychotic reactions. Khat can also exacerbate pre-existing mental health problems.

The use of the stimulant is banned in the US, Canada and several other European countries.

But it is still available in the UK where it is legally sold in a small number of grocery stores.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Perhaps a recommended quantity? Some of us don’t use at all, but if a person wants to destroy themselves via slow suicide, thats their business, especially at least until/unless the user becomes dangerous in not being aware anymore of what they do. Seeing that Somalia has ‘some’ Muslims and links to piracy, we might be very clear when the problems from Somalia end and IF Somalia can become non-Muslim. At that point would the Dutch ban khat? We’d know if that was based on racism by then. But the answer might be decades off in that case. How about if the Dutch grew Khat at home meanwhile in Holland? Would that make khat legal again?


The waiter praised for REFUSING to serve man who made vile remark and complained about being seated near Down syndrome child – by David Mccormack – PUBLISHED: 05:54 GMT, 19 January 2013 | UPDATED: 11:24 GMT, 19 January 2013

A waiter at a steakhouse in Houston, Texas has won a lot of fans after refusing to serve a customer who made a cruel comment about a special needs child that he didn’t wish to be seated near.

The incident took place at Laurenzo’s, where Michael Garcia has been working for more than two years and enjoys a good rapport with many of his regular customers.

On Wednesday night he greeted two groups of regulars – Kim Castillo and her family, including five-year-old Milo who has Down syndrome, and another group who sat in the adjacent booth.

Support is flowing in from all over, thanking Michael Garcia for taking a stand for a special needs child

Waiter Michael Garcia refused to serve a customer who made a cruel remake after special needs children

Michael Garcia has been working for more than two years at Laurenzo’s in Houston, Texas

Not long after Garcia seated the second family they requested to be moved. Garcia duly obliged, until he heard the man say, ‘Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.’

Garcia was thrown by the cruel remark and couldn’t believe that the man had said it in front of his own children. Although worried that he might lose his job, Garcia felt he had to something.

‘It was very disturbing,’ he told ABC13. ‘My personal feelings just took over and I told this man, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t serve you.'”

That family quickly left, but not before Garcia told him: ‘How could you say that? How could you say that about a beautiful five-year-old angel?’

Kim Castillo says she noticed the family leaving, but didn’t think anything else about it until one of Garcia’s co-workers told them what had happened.

‘If he had been obnoxious, which like any other five-year-old he can be, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the family asking to move,’ she said.
Kim Castillo and young son Milo, she said he shouldn’t be discriminated against because he has Down syndrome

Michael Garcia’s good deed has generated a lot of positive comments on Laurenzo’s Facebook page

‘No one wants to sit next to a loud, disruptive child but it had nothing to do with him having special needs. He is just a kid and shouldn’t be discriminated against. He certainly didn’t ask to be born with Down’s syndrome.’

Castillo also said that she was very grateful for Garcia standing up for her young son.

‘I was really impressed that Michael would stand up for Milo,’ said Castillo. ‘He really doesn’t know us … he stood up for Milo just because it was the right thing to do.’

Castillo said she was worried that Garcia might lose his job, but the restaurant stood behind his decision.

In fact Garcia has received a lot of praise for his actions after the story was featured on local TV and blogs. The restaurant’s Facebook page been inundated with people leaving comments of support for his brave stand about prejudice.

Gracious Garcia has also said that if the other family who made the ill-conceived remarks return, he will serve them just like anyone else.

Waiter Michael Garcia described five-year-old Milo Castillo as a ‘little angel’

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The ‘demand’ for reseating or zoning is inappropriate. And in an undetermined policy situation as in this example, for the management to decide. An outlet would have a child zone or special zone if they had or were sensitive to clients who were sensitive to the presence of ‘challenged‘ ( for accurate public use, rather than private use, the term special is somewhat out of context in some ways and implies positivity which is inaccurate – but ‘challenged‘ should not be used in a negative tone either and this word needs to be reclaimed for general usage simply for linguistic accuracy’s sake) people. The requestor is as special for being sensitive to special people, and should not be branded as vile, even as their lack of sensitivity in social mores becomes evident here. Conversely the remark was out of line when tested, but in as many cases might have been acceded to without piling abuse on the person speaking their mind.

Perhaps the above incident could be made into a ‘Social Studies’ example on unwritten/unspoken conventions in communication under ‘challenged persons interactions‘ sections of such a text?


U.S. Air Force finds pornography, “offensive” material in inspections – by Jim Forsyth | Reuters – 9 hrs ago

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – The U.S. Air Force, reeling from a scandal over sexual abuse of female recruits, said on Friday a search of its facilities across the globe turned up tens of thousands of items it considered to be “offensive, inappropriate or pornographic.”

The inspections of public areas on Air Force facilities over 12 days in December were aimed at heightening awareness among personnel about sexual violence and professionalism in the workplace, said Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh.

“I talked with airmen across the force and believe that some units were not meeting those standards,” he said. “Every airman deserves to be treated with respect. They also deserve to work in a professional environment.”

The Air Force was rocked last year by revelations that female recruits were sexually abused at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Eleven instructors at the base, the home of all Air Force basic military training, have been charged with offenses ranging from inappropriate behavior to sexual assault.

The Air Force has said that 48 women have come forward with what investigators consider credible stories of sexual misconduct.

The inspections, which did not include searches of private areas like barracks, found 631 items considered to be pornographic, including videos, posters and magazines. More than 27,000 items were judged “inappropriate or offensive” and ranged from posters to pictures and calendars.

Officials say the inappropriate items – including a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders poster and copies of the men’s magazine Maxim – were confiscated or destroyed since the inspected areas are considered to be U.S. government property.

Nancy Parrish, president of Protect Our Defenders, an advocacy group for military personnel who have been sexually assaulted, said many of the inspections were announced ahead of time, potentially allowing time for more offensive items to be moved.

Welsh did not say if any disciplinary action would be taken as a result of the inspections. He said a report on what was found in the searches has been turned over to an Air Force special investigations office.

(Editing by Kevin Gray, Cynthia Johnston and Cynthia Osterman)

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Destruction of property is wrong. The offensive items should be returned to the owners though penalty must be applied. The only useful penalty that can be applied is the relative value of the item that would have been destroyed, to an equitable number of penalty overtime work hours that could be added (not overly excessively) everyday or deducted from paid vacations at most (do not dock vacation time, this will lower morale and result in retaliations lie poor quality of work or even worse leaks of information to enemy nations). The government needs to have a sense of proportion more than that those who are ‘99%’ enough to keep ‘offensive material’ in inappropriate taxpayer paid for facilities.


Man pays off $14K property tax bill with dollar bills, coins – by Mike Krumboltz | The Sideshow

Paying bills can be a hardship, especially ones that total $14,000. Larry Gasper of Redding, Calif., thanks to the generosity of friends and family, was able to pay his substantial property tax bill—without the use of a checkbook.

Gasper fell into difficult times several years back, reports KRCR-TV. “I had to borrow some money. I’ve missed a few payments on my home to pay for my taxes for this piece of property. My grandkids’ piggy banks, my daughters’ piggy banks, my money, my change, and a lot of people have offered to help a bit,” Gasper explained to the station.

[Related: U.S. Mint testing new metals to make coins cheaper]

Gasper loaded up all that help—in the form of coins and $1 bills—into the back of his car with the help of a wheelbarrow, and delivered it to his county tax collector’s office.

In a wonderful understatement, KRCR-TV notes that it took the tax collectors “a while to count.” Probably not as long as it took Gasper to roll those pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is really childish. What this man could do was to run for the Congressional seat and ABOLISH TAXES. This only inconveniences the front 99%ter staff, not the 1% lawmakers who collude with all kinds of ‘Complexes’ to collude with, enrich themselves and keep taxes in place. Write a cheque instead BUT also run for election with intent to abolish taxes and distribute unused state land to the homeless or wood stamp dependent to grow their own food. This will put USA in good stead for a long time to come.


‘Lethal Weapon’ actor tells students Second Amendment was intended to preserve slavery – The Daily Caller

Actor and progressive political activist Danny Glover informed a group of students at a Texas A&M University-sponsored event that the Second Amendment was created to put down slave rebellions and subjugate Native Americans.

“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” Glover said on Thursday. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

“A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from, that’s what the genesis of the Second Amendment is,” he added.

That theory that the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to put down slave rebellions was recently resurrected by bestselling author and radio host Thom Hartmann, who said Virginia wouldn’t ratify the Constitution without a guarantee that it would have some way to keep slaves in check.

Campus Reform, which broke the story, reports that the “Lethal Weapon” and “Predator 2? star made the controversial statements at the sixth-annual Martin Luther King Breakfast on Texas A&M’s flagship campus in College Station. Other event sponsors include the office of the president and the athletic department.

At another point during the event, the award-winning actor called the United States “a material, a militaristic and, frankly — let’s call a spade a spade — a racist society.”

The San Francisco State University graduate (B.A., 1964) also pontificated professorially about the causes and effects of global warming. Later, he called the Occupy movement a “reimagining of democracy.”

An extensive video of Glover’s statements is available on YouTube.

A spokesperson for Texas A&M said that the administration had no prior knowledge that Glover would make such statements.

“I had no idea. We really didn’t know that topic was coming up,” Luke Altendorf, director of the school’s Memorial Student Center, told Campus Reform. “Someone was asking a question about activism. I think that’s where some of that came from.”

Altendorf would not discuss Glover’s compensation except to say that no student fees were used. Harry Belafonte and Angela Davis received $25,000 for speeches at past Martin Luther King Breakfast events, Campus Reform notes.

Altendorf championed the school’s decision to bring Glover and other controversial speakers to campus.

“We didn’t feel those speakers you are referring to are bad decisions on these topics because we want to foster discussion,” he told Campus Reform.

Members of a student group called the Texas Aggie Conservatives recorded the event for posterity.

The group has also created an online petition that protests a series of speaker choices that it calls politically biased.

“We expect President Loftin to stand by his commitment to diversity and fully support our efforts to bring in a conservative speaker to provide an alternative to Mr. Glover’s far left message” the group’s chairperson, Erik Schroeder, told Campus Reform.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Well the nature of government has changed to a potential oppressor in either case. Those laws intended to suppress have (as the government changed and slavery ended), into a tool of the potential liberator and balancer against the Orwellian state. The inadvertent survival of this slave suppressive law is fortunate and fortuitous, now needed to suppress the potentially oppressive government in turn.

We forgive Danny for being a plutocratic product of Hollywood MSM reverse propaganda movies, spouting 99% irrelevant anti-gun propaganda. In any case of serious internal conflict between Hawk and Dove, Bluecoat and latent Red Coat, 1% Danny has the funds to up leave USA on a private jet. The 99% of Americans do not. The action sequences in many Glover acted films were good and fun, but evidently cost Danny his objectivity and ability to read what has happened in USA. These guns excepting the psychos and obvious criminals are the only thing standing against Orwell and a redcoat resurgence. Sh1t happens . . .


No Arab school on my watch – Israeli mayor – Published: 17 January, 2013, 19:53 – Reuters / Mohamed Abd El Ghany

The mayor of Israel’s Upper Nazareth has refused to allow an Arab school to be built, defying an Israeli rights group that said the nearly 2,000 Arab children have a “basic right” to education, and that he is denying Arabs a “legitimate existence.”

­Upper Nazareth, a Jewish settlement in Galilee near the town of Nazareth, has rejected an appeal to set up an Arab school in the city, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Thursday.

“Upper Nazareth was founded to make the Galilee Jewish and must preserve this role,” Mayor Shimon Gapso said in a response to the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), which submitted the request for the school earlier this month.

Gapso said the building of an Arab school in the city would be akin to building a mosque or a Muslim cemetery. He claimed the request concealed “a provocative nationalist statement intended to disrupt the status quo,” and vowed that it would never happen as long as he was mayor.

Although one-fifth of the 52,000 residents of Upper Nazareth are Arabs, there is no Arab school in the town, and the 1,900 Arab schoolchildren must travel to schools outside the city, most of them in neighboring Nazareth.

But the schools in Nazareth can only accept a small number of pupils from out of town, forcing many Arab children to attend much more expensive private schools.

Gapso defended his decision when questioned by Haaretz, calling the ACRI’s and the Arab’s claims unjustified. He argued that Upper Nazareth and Nazareth are in the same school registration area, and that the town provides transport to schools in Nazareth in accordance with the Education Ministry’s criteria.

Arab parents have in recent years repeatedly appealed to the local council to open an Arab school in Upper Nazareth, but this is the first time they have received a concrete answer.

“The lack of adequate schools infringes on the Arab residents’ right to accessible, available education and on the equality of allocating public and municipal resources,” the parents said in their request, which was submitted by ACRI attorney Ashraf Elias.

Elias then wrote to Mayor Gapso, urging him to rectify the situation: “The Arab children in Upper Nazareth are deprived of free, available formal education in their own town and neighborhoods. This means the local authority and education ministry are hardly allocating any resources to the Arab children’s education, compared to the Jewish children’s education.”

ACRI’s request was submitted on January 7; Gapso responded the next day. When contacted by Haaretz, he said that Upper Nazareth must stick to its “mission” of making the Galilee Jewish, and that he stood by “every word” he said.

Auni Banna, another ACRI attorney, warned that Gapso’s angry response was adopting a dangerous approach, “which not only objects to the existence of Arab schools in Upper Nazareth  but also denies the legitimate existence of Arab’s in the city. The parents demand to enable their children to go to school in the city they live in is a basic right, and no city or mayor may deny it.”

Gapso is no stranger to conflict or furious outbursts. About six weeks ago, following a protest rally in Nazareth over the Israeli occupation of Gaza, Gapso accused the Nazareth municipality of being a “fifth column” that was a “hostile city to Israel,” and accused the entire city of becoming “a nest of terrorism in the heart of Galilee… waiting for an opportunity to stab Israel in the back.”

Israel’s anti-racism coalition has demanded that Gaspo be investigated and tried for incitement.

Nazareth is known as the ‘Arab capital of Israel’ because its population is predominately Arab. It is also the historic birthplace of Jesus, making it a center for Christian pilgrimage.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Am with Gaspo on this action. Gaspo’s words should hold and be upheld until :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism (Article 1 Human Rights Charter)
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy. (Article 18 Human Rights Charter)
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. (Surah An Nisa 4:75)

;are granted to Malaysian super-minority non-Muslim populations. Only then will Israel need to allow this Arab school. The statement of reciprocity will be clear and Chinese and Indian  relations also Malay, will improve with Israel and by extension USA. Only equality works.


Elephant in the room: Naomi, Russian boyfriend enrage PETA with polo match – Published: 04 November, 2012, 18:31
Edited: 05 November, 2012, 12:15

Naomi Campbell (R) and Vladislav Doronin.(AFP Photo / Alberto Pizzoli)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin are planning to stage an elephant polo match for Doronin’s 50th birthday. Their ambitious plan prompted accusations of promoting animal cruelty.

The couple will host celebratory festivities in India’s Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s famous “blue city” next week. Some 80 celebrity guests that will likely include Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade, supermodels Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and fashion designer Donatella Versace, The Daily Telegraph reports. However according to the organizers the guest list is veiled in secrecy.

The series of parties will be staged at the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Gaj Singh’s Umaid Bhawan Palace hotel, famous for hosting the marriage of actress Liz Hurley to Indian businessman Arun Nayyar in 2006.

Among the celebratory activities will be the controversial elephant polo tournament at the city’s polo club grounds. Vikram Singh Rathore, a leading figure in international polo, will bring seven elephants from Jaipur specially for the tournament.

The planned match enraged India’s animal rights organization. The animal defenders claim the journey from Jaipur, that may take up to 10 hours in trucks on bad roads will be a cruel challenge for the animals. Apart from that, organization spokesperson Benazir Suraya says the training of the elephants for polo is also cruel abuse, as the mahouts use sharp steel bull hooks.

The organization calls on the couple to drop their plans or they will be slapped with an official complaint.

“Constantly kept in chains, elephants used for polo are driven insane and exhibit signs of immense frustration, including repetitive swaying, rocking and head-bobbing. The chains also result in painful wounds and pressure sores, which often become infected,” Suraya said.

Elephant polo is played in Asia in states such as Thailand, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

After training an elephant using very clearly non-coercive methods, the audience will want to know if  elephants are :

1) working 5.5 day week  with weekends off and not labouring off field doing work like illegal logging
2) have 2 week or even 2 months of holidays a year (recommend 2 month of ‘pasture’ yearly for SPORTS ONLY Elephants much like children have the same, these are animals so they need as much if not more downtime)
3) have access to natural recreation areas like 100s of acres of reserve per ‘tribe’ or family
4) have access to potential mates or the ight to ‘set up family’ with a mate of their choice from a reasonable number of mates
5) are part of a wider community of ‘Elephant families’ allowed to interact in natural settings such as the above mentioned 1000s of acres sized reserve
6) a neurotech interface programme for RETIRED Elephants who are not physically fit enough to do sports but enough lifespan to interact in sedantary settings
7) medical care from trained state controlled veterinarians to prevent any e,lements of abuse AND public NGO access and oversight at cos to the NGO to fuurther ensure abuse does not occur
8) elephant tusks can be harvested ONLY after natural lifespan ends AFTER all current generations who knew the living elephant have passed on naturally (this means great-grand kid elephants who knew the elephant who’s tusks are about to be harvested)
9) allow sufficient space for ‘Elephant Graveyards’ – this could make 100s of acres reserves into 1000s of acres worth, but if humanity wants to benefit off ‘Elephant Sportsmen’, the public knowing the ‘human’ concept of ‘mourning’ should allow the same privilege to ‘Elephant Athletes’ as well.

The above humane treatment could be funded by simply limiting HUMAN athlete or HUMAN sportsmen’s payouts to maximum allowed assets of 20 million, with the rest of the sportsman’s potential or current billion level earnings being chanelled directly to ensuring ‘Elephant (or other species) Athletes’ in such World Inter Species Sports, have the above listed luxuries. The sport of course would be costlier but being funded by HUMAN athlete-sportsmen would affect none but the sportsmen (who can definitely ‘get-by’ on 20 million) . . . Elephants are living slave camp conditions with no sense of natural or normal communities and need the above to be implemented. And if the above are implemented Elephant Sports would be considered ETHICAL entertainment or sports. think Lance Armstrong, the way the camps are run are no better ETHICALLY than the lifetime of doping scandals.

Same for circus animals, the animals that are the main source of attraction and hence wealth are supposed to enjoy the fruits of their own labour, not be caged and isolated by the plutocrats of the HUMAN run circus unable to retire or be with communities of their own species. PETA should take the above and lobby for, or implement with their assenting philantropic minded athletes who are plutocrats willing to ensure ‘athletes’ or ‘sportsmen’ of other species get to relax and enjoy LIFE like the plutocrat athletes themselves do, by sharing the wealth with ‘fellow athletes’ (even though other species).

As for circuses which intend to continue inhumane practices while the owners get fatter and richer to no real purpose, awareness campaigns and boycotts should be started by PETA a if PETA is not an false enemy apologist, propagandist for other ‘Parasitic-Wealth-Complexes’ like the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ or the PrisonBuildingContractor-Supplier Enforcement Complex. When every circus animal gets the same rights as above listed for elephants, we can say that HUMANS are finally civilised as a guardian and even educator of less evolved species other than human. As for land and wealth distribution issues, there is ever more work that Socialist or Communist parties of the world need to implement, like distribution of unused state land to the poor (if the country belongs to everyone then everyone should have access to unused state owned land though not at levels that are too dense or non-sustainable for subsistence, 20,000 sq ft for dedicated loners – to a few acres for families etc), limitations on sequestration of wealth based around the poorest of any nation by the plutocrats (i.e. see below chart) while retaining any special or unique beauty spot natural areas or nomadic wildlife corridors, etc.

Off on a cybernetics tangent now, think cybernetics and opposable digit attachments (HANDS!) for animals, with voice simulators that Stephen Hawking has. Want to hear an Elephant TALK? Or in the case of opposable digits, fire an AR15/AK47 or rocket launcher at enslaving humans . . . Neurotech should be used for these purposes, not abusing activists trying to make spaces for themselves. So think back to the lame and prosaic LGBT or Religion or Organic Psychedelics issues supposedly plaguing us. Are these inbred human issues just too dull or what? And what are the technologists doing ib those hidden government labs??? THOSE LABS are funded by taxpayer dollars. We can’t have air craft carrrier sized brains manipulating the thoughts of taxpayers now can we? A citizen’s audit is needed! Neurotech broadcast towers and satellite cellphones already likely can control huge portions of citizens already. For purposes or war, or suppression of other nations, technological abuse of citizens is meaningless. Tyra? Over to you and Vladislav Doronin on the Elephant Athletes-Sportspersons . . . this world needs changing and those with the resources had better do what their position or wealth level requires or allows of them, or be considered redundant and part of the problem rather than the solution . . .


Comment on Boxing Related Comment

babyland wrote:

Weight is definitely an issue! A 4 pound difference is the difference between featherweight and super-featherweight division! Obviously, the boxing organizations think 4 pounds matters!

It shouldnt be against Morales. Morales is too small for 135lbs. Just like Barrera is fighting a natural superfeather in Chavez at lightweight. Weight should not be an issue with Chavez and Barrera and it should not be an issue between Pacquiao and Morales. 2lbs is nothing. 2lbs will basically just allow Morales to make weight with out dehydrating too much, an excuse that Morales nuthuggers are using for his loss. We all said it was the body shot that did it, and I stand by that. 2lbs more or not, Morales will wilt from the body attack. Pac aint gonna bitch niether for a measly 2 lbs and we should not either. Pac beats Morales at any weight Period. Now Castillo would be another story at 135.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The current system of categories of fighters is arbitrary and non-representative of people who fight. Weight should not even be a criteria in boxing. Rather :

1) Body width (power tends to be higher with barrel bodied types regardless of height?) and;
2) Height (reach – nothing to do with power but a good agility with reach can beat strength)

;should be the criteria WITH bonuses for height and width differences (i.e. the smaller fighter gets standing bonuses).

This way the toughest and smallest fighters could be allowed to fight the tallest and largest (very interesting!). Boxing should be about (1) ability to take/recover-from hits and (2) speed/agility. NOT weight where the boxers spend time starving and dehydrating to become one category lower . . . defeats the whole purpose of the sport, category ‘cheating’ is no less unethical than doping.

So what if someone has alot of calcium or grows alot of heavy muscle that does not contribute efficiency to fighting based movements? That might increase weight categories but whats the point? Boxing seems to teach bias about size rather than ability. While bigger fighters have SOME advantage, studies have suggested that shorter fighters have better reflexes (and likely move faster). Boxing ON A FLAT FLOOR in either case is already quite limited as opposed to ‘Mixed Discipline’ fights.

Mixed Discipline fights on the other hand besides lacking a textured ground of varied elevations AND wide space if a ring fight rather than arena – a cage fighter might be horrible in a spacious arena where the acrobatic or faster opponents can win despite being smaller or weaker, while variable height flooring could be another fighter’s weak point from lack of agility – these are “Arena Categories” (Ring, Cage, Open, Variable Floor . . . Monkey Bars(Cage Variant)???) that could add interest to the Mixed Discipline fight INCLUDING FAUX WEAPONS™ CATEGORY© that ‘break on contact and splash faux blood©’ without causing too much injury much like police batons are designed to break so that permanently crippling injuries cannot occur  . . .  the FAUX WEAPONS™ match is over of course if the weapon breaks and goes ‘splat’ (maybe boxing gloves could be metered to ‘airbag’ at ‘fatal concussion causing hit levels’ . . . the blood(dye) stained fighter would be quite dramatic to watch (the referees can sound the match over bell at that point) – with a second category of ‘break’ that might ‘bleed’ a different colour (Darker shade of red? – a song title!) to give a ‘fatal hit’ effect if used in a certain manner much like a videogame etc..

For special consideration and extreme variety, introduce properly trained and ‘personality tested’ (must be bred to enjoy fun-fights for exercise and dominance, and not be ‘beaten-trained’ into fighting) animals like kangaroos, bears, tigers and even lions (consider some sort of muzzle helmet with soft teeth for the jaws of animals / padded paws, a single bite could still down a fighter – and this motion could be used as a ‘time out or tap-out’ action for the animal as well). There could ALSO be VEHICLE elements as well for example much like horse or elephant jousting (safety and humane compliant Elephant Howdah fights Ramayana Epic style?), where fighters use motorcycles and handweapons instead of horses, elephants and handweapons, or even cars (i.e. Bloodring Banger GTA http://gta.wikia.com/Bloodring or ‘Death Race’ (2008 Paul W.S. Anderson) but one on one or in smaller groups) and projectile weapons of lower calibre (automatic or semi-automatic or rocket categories anyone?) while wearing armour/teflon for example so they won’t be downed or permanently injured by accident. Think ‘Counter -Strike’ or ‘Paintball’ 1FPS, but advanced versions.

Finally, the injury issue should be considered. All fighters should be completely healed and any permanent injuries or unhealed injuries should be applied as penalties to their opponent calculations. We keep hearing about fighters who are injured or ‘never recovered’ keep fighting. If they are not at their best (i.e. completely healed) whats the point? We’d never know the players at their best then. We don’t need to see the same injured fighter on the same kind of flat floor fighting the same battles in the same kind of style (boxing is especially bad, can’t even use legs or wrestling moves) for decades. Then there is also the ANGER and PERSONALITY factor, as some fighters may be abit too sanguine to fight at their best and this is another critical factor (wanna watch 2 mannequins fight instead?) that brings the most excitement to a fight that makes fake fights of the WWE/WWF more interesting to watch than Boxing though the fake factor is a total killer even of these souped up looking fights. If the real versions (with appropriate safety precautions) are done as suggested, fights in arenas or hippodromes (chariot or vehicles – with advanced ramp or bumpy terrain off road feel hippodromes other than the metrosexual feel of F1 or conventional car races?) would become meaningful authentic and varied and an entertainment mainstay of every major city worth their salt.


Dozens arrested in New York/New Jersey extortion probe – by Chris Francescani | Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Dozens of organized crime figures from the New York area were arrested Wednesday following an investigation of extortion of local garbage haulers, authorities said.

Many of those arrested are suspected members or associates of the Gambino, Genovese and Luchese organized crime families, three of the five largest Mafia factions in the New York area, according to a federal indictment.

Thirty suspects in New York and New Jersey were taken into custody, the FBI said. Twelve of the suspects, including Carmine “Papa Smurf” Franco, who authorities say is a reputed Genovese family associate, are charged with racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Franco is accused of extortion, loan sharking and other crimes.

Many of those charged Wednesday are accused of acting as a silent partner in a licensed garbage hauling business after either being banned from the industry following prior convictions or being unlikely to be approved for waste management licenses due to alleged ties to organized crime.

Franco and two of his sons were banned in 1998 by state regulators from operating waste management companies in New Jersey following fraud and corruption convictions.

Other suspects are charged with stealing garbage trucks or stealing loads of cardboard and driving them across state lines where they were sold for profit.

Many of the suspects face charges of extorting money from legitimate garbage haulers to “back,” or protect them, from other reputed mobsters, according to the indictment.

“In addition to the violence that often accompanies their schemes, the economic impact amounts to a mob tax on goods and services,” said George C. Venizelos, assistant director-in-charge of the FBI’s New York field office.

The waste management business has been infiltrated by organized crime in real life and in Hollywood depictions of the Mafia

In HBO’s popular television drama “The Sopranos,” which ran from 1999 to 2007, actor James Gandolfini played Tony Soprano, a vicious New Jersey mobster who said he was a waste management executive.

(Editing by Dan Grebler, Bernadette Baum, John Wallace and Kenneth Barry)

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Perhaps gentrifying into club or counter culture oriented sports or even setting up fight arenas should be the new and legal Gambino, Genovese and Luchese if not underground businesses. Smuggling duty free goods selling cheaper or some forms of car modification, cheap TSA free air transport (private airfields and private aircraft)??? would increase mafia popularity instead of protection rackets which end up making them hated. Much like the Asians have moved into non-obvious or less exposure causing credit card frauds, or insurance sabotage scams or fake documents, false claims or other ‘soft’ and non-obvious ways of making money.

A spot of hooliganism to dent the more expensive cars so that Gambino, Genovese and Luchese owned garages to get some body work based business which will be more respected than protection rackets? Meanwhile the tough look or fashions should not be given up. Engage the civvies don’t make them hate you! Try corner gangs and staged street fights for fun. Life is serious but dullness can really kill a city’s pulse, and where some of us come from, the city has no pulse . . . zombie citizens ‘full of religion’ or ‘full of politics’ only, even scarier!


Couple told to tear down secret £500,000 luxury home they hid inside a hay barn – by Alex Gore – PUBLISHED: 10:56 GMT, 17 January 2013 | UPDATED: 13:13 GMT, 17 January 2013

Alan and Sarah Beesley fail to overturn order that their home be demolished
The appeal was the last ditch attempt to keep their two-storey home
It follows a Supreme Court ruling that the couple must leave the house
The disguised three-bedroom house includes a gym, study and lounge
Long-running legal dispute has cost the family tens of thousands of pounds

A couple who disguised their £500,000 luxury house as a hay barn to outwit planning chiefs must tear down their home after losing the final round of a long-running legal battle.

Property developer Alan Beesley and wife Sarah became locked in the dispute with local authority  planners after moving into the two-storey home.

But a last ditch attempt to overturn the council’s orders that the property be demolished have failed.

Last ditch: Alan Beesley and his wife Sarah must demolish the home hidden in a barn after losing a final appeal

The couple won permission to build the barn to store hay 12 years ago, but fitted it out as a home – complete with a study, bathroom, lounge, gym and three-bedrooms.

They lived there for four years before applying for the barn to be legally recognised as a home, but their actions incensed officers at Welwyn Hatfield Council in Hertfordshire.

The couple were refused permission, sparking a dispute which went to the Supreme Court in 2011, when seven judges ruled they must leave the house.

They said Mr Beesley had been dishonest and hatched a plan to ‘mislead and deceive’ planning bosses.

The council followed the ruling up with enforcement notices ordering the internal residential structure of the barn to be ripped out – which prompted the couple’s latest failed appeal.

Mr Beesley, 41, and his 38-year-old wife now have a year to move out and remove the building from the land at Northaw, near Potters Bar.

Mr Beesley has said his legal fight to remain in the house has cost him tens of thousands of pounds.

Costly: Mr Beesley revealed he has spent tens of thousands of pounds on the legal battle to keep his home

He said in April 2011: ‘We are absolutely devastated. We are gutted. It’s been our home for nine years and now we are in limbo. My wife is in pieces.’

The couple built the house in Northaw, Hertfordshire, in 2001 and moved in a year later.

They hoped eventually to benefit from a rule allowing homeowners who have lived in a property for more than four years to stay – even if they do not have planning permission.

Mr Beesley claimed that he had originally had no intention of living in the building, but changed his mind after a spate of burglaries in the area.

So he altered plans to relocate the large barn door and built extra doors and lighting, which were never approved by the council.

In 2007, the couple applied for a certificate of lawfulness, which would allow them to use the property as residential accommodation.

But planners objected and accused the couple of fraudulently building the home with the intention of living in it.

Dispute: The couple have been locked in a long-running planning row with the council over the barn

In April 2009, the High Court ordered their eviction, but the decision was overturned in January 2010.

However, the Supreme Court reviewed the case in April 2011 and upheld the original judgment.

They ruled that Mr Beesley intended to deceive the council from the outset to exploit a legal loophole by secretly using the building as a residential home for four years.

A spokeswoman for Welwyn Hatfield Council said today: ‘The council welcomes the appeal decision on the ‘house in a barn.’

‘We feel the decision is the right one, confirming the council’s commitment to the enforcement of breaches of planning control.’

The couple could not be reached for comment.

As much as I feel a certain sympathy for this couple, the fact that they hid the house inside a barn does imply an intent to deceive from the outset.

– Ben Russell-Gough , London, United Kingdom, 17/1/2013 13:20

Rip down a house just because why? its inside a barn ffs, this country and its laws are pathetic, we’re all just slaves to the system unless you’re one of the elite of course.

– P B , Northants, 17/1/2013 13:19

Yet…..in other parts of the UK, it is perfectly fine for Council to move Historical Monuments because builders do not want to include a park in their new housing development. Very sad and broken Britain.

– Patrick , Belfast, 17/1/2013 13:17

Its their property, They should be able to do whatever they want on it. Congrats GB. The government owns you. – OutofCanberra, Canberra, Australia, 17/1/2013 12:43 It is an ILLEGAL building. Those of us who obey the law don’t have our houses knocked down. It serves them right.

– Liz , London, 17/1/2013 13:16

Its their property, They should be able to do whatever they want on it. Congrats GB. The government owns you. – OutofCanberra , I think you misunderstand it was a new build it had no rights to be there. Or are you happy for people just to build where they want to? The laws are there to protect us from each other not always to own us.

– Dave , Devon, 17/1/2013 13:15

It has to be taken down, if they got away with it it opens up a pandoras box for future builders. Sad but just.

– spiderboy , Hull, United Kingdom, 17/1/2013 13:15

No sympathy. This man is a p roperty developer and knew what the rules were but ignored them because he wanted to build the house. I’ve worked in property development and they are all the same.

– Liz , London, 17/1/2013 13:15

They should have waited longer than 4 years and they would have got away with it…think it’s about 7 years. Although I don’t think it’s is right what they were trying to do at all!

– georgie , here, 17/1/2013 13:14

This is so funny. How much taxpayers money was used on this case?

– davehants , hampshire, 17/1/2013 13:14

It is o.k. for the rich to use a loop hole but when it comes to the man in the street it is a differeent matter. One rule for them and one for the rest of us.

– Pammie , Seaford, United Kingdom, 17/1/2013 12:56


Throw the bums out: 75 percent back Congress term limits – by Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News – White House Correspondent

A view of a deserted corridor on the House side of the U.S. Capitol in December. (Mary Calvert/Reuters)Sure, voters sent a majority of incumbent members of Congress back to Washington in November 2012. But a new Gallup poll finds that 75 percent of Americans support imposing term limits on lawmakers in D.C.

Twenty-one percent would vote against a law limiting the number of terms representatives and senators can serve.

It’s maybe no surprise at a time when Congress is less popular than, oh, say, colonoscopies. But Gallup writes that its findings recall similar polls from 1994 and 1996, when between two-thirds and three-quarters of respondents said they favored a constitutional amendment setting term limits.

Past opinion polls have also found that Americans generally have a good opinion of their representative—and a bad one of other lawmakers.

What about the Electoral College? Do away with it, 63 percent of Americans say, according to Gallup. That’s down from 80 percent in 1968.

The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Those salaries are quite hefty and most Congressmen could retire in a single term if they save wisely. 1 term limit means more people also get chances to run in politics and put their ideas into laws if suitably democratic. Electoral College is almost a unneeded throwback mirroring the House of Lords that taxpayers do not need to pay salaries for. Is this redcoat America?

Even Redcoats still have guns . . .



Hooded ‘Muslim Patrol’ vigilantes remove alcohol from drinkers and tell women to cover up as they stalk London suburb – by Martin Robinson – PUBLISHED: 16:48 GMT, 17 January 2013 | UPDATED: 19:34 GMT, 17 January 2013

Group has released a video filmed in London called: ‘The Truth About Saturday Night’
The gang confronts people and accuse them of living an unclean life
They film a hurt cyclist in the road, blaming alcohol for their injuries and call it an invitation to Islam
Films show them burning posters they believe are ‘vile and disgusting’ – including one for a bra
Muslim groups condemn them for their hard-line views and approach

Target: This so-called Muslim Patrol take the alcohol from this man and filmed it for a YouTube propaganda video

Police are investigating reports a gang claiming to be Islamic vigilantes have been confronting members of the public and demanding they give up alcohol and women cover their flesh in their ‘Muslim area’.

The hooded men, who call themselves Muslim Patrol, have been filmed walking London’s streets and calling white women ‘naked animals with no self respect.’

The group is also shown taking ‘evil’ booze from revellers and film a cyclist being treated after a road accident, claiming they were injured because they were unclean.

In one exchange a member of the group says: ‘We don’t care if you are appalled at all’, before calling themselves ‘vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks’.

They have uploaded videos to their YouTube channel with the most recent three-minute clip causing a stir online.

‘The Truth About Saturday Night’, which was uploaded on Sunday, has already been viewed more than 42,000 times.

Scotland Yard says it is investigating.

It was shot on a mobile phone at night in what the Met say is Waltham Forest, London, with a number of men seen shouting ‘this is a Muslim area’ towards white Britons they’ve confronted.

The video, which first appeared on The Commentator, states: ‘From women walking the street dressed like complete naked animals with no self respect, to drunk people carrying alcohol, to drunks being killed in the middle of the road, we try our best to capture and forbid it all.’

An encounter on the dark side of the moon: ‘UFO’ spotted soaring above lunar surface in online video

One scene shows the hooded yobs forcing a passing man to put a can of lager away, telling the stunned gentleman they are the Muslim Patrol and that alcohol is a ‘forbidden evil’.

They then tell a group of women ‘they need to forbid themselves from dressing like this and exposing themselves outside the mosque’.

Retribution: The speaker on the film says this person was injured because of their unclean life drinking alcohol

Message: The speaker on the film says this person was injured because of their unclean life drinking alcohol

Want: The group tell people to leave the area because it is Muslim in a controversial film with a clear message

Want: The group tell people to leave their area of London because it is Muslim in their controversial film posted on Sunday

On another occasion, a woman takes offence to their requests and tells them they are in Great Britain at which point they respond by saying ‘they don’t respect those who disobey God’.

Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organisation which campaigns for a peaceful co-existence among communities, has condemned the group’s behaviour.

He said: ‘We live in the UK and we are governed by UK law, there should be no mob rule. If people are involved in this behaviour then it is worrying but it is an isolated incident.’
Taken: In another film they target posters they believe are immoral

Burnt: The poster advertising a bra from H&M was then thrown on the ground and set alight

The vigilante video follows an earlier clip made by the group where they protested against adverts for push-up bras by High Street retailer H&M.

In the clip they say: ‘The Muslims have taken it upon themselves to command the good and forbid the evil and cover up these naked people.’

They then show a number of adverts for the product which has been sprayed over and also film themselves pouring petrol over one advert and setting it on fire.

If any Muslims find this satire-pic offensive, please warn, I will remove this picture if requested.

If any Muslims find this satire-pic offensive, please warn, I will remove this picture if requested.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The group tell people to leave their area of London because it is Muslim in their controversial film posted on Sunday.

First of all has the Council decided if there are ‘Muslim Zones’? Have the local Muslim community leaders helped in deciding? If not they groups could be fined or penalized for community as this unwarranted and unwelcome communication, do not speak to people about religion in the middle of the street – proselytization is offensive, a form of harrassment against secular people –  is some kind of ASBO in waiting.

No big deal meanwhile until the authorities talk to the Muslim community leader about Hudud Area Zoning, a similar group of atheists of equal size and strength could follow the Muslim vigilantes around and offer help to the ‘incidentals’ warning them about the dangers of proselytization by Muslims. They could also snatch away property about to be destroyed and redistribut to those who need the stuff about to be burnt. The Muslim vigilante should hand over all items to be destroyed to non-Muslims who might want to use the items. A burnt advert is effective destruction of property unless that is a ‘stick no bills’ or ‘no posters’ area. A burnt bra btw is less useful being burnt than supporting the breasts of some vagrant woman who needs to scavenge the same from a dustbin.

Oops! Thats H&M’s idea of advertising . . . in the REVERSE clip the non-Muslim group could also say: ‘The non-Muslims have taken it upon themselves to command the good and forbid the evil  of authoritarianism and lack of free speech (and free life), and remind people of their right to be naked.’ Are bras allowed in Islam btw being a Western invention? Might be Haram to wear bras . . .

. . . Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organisation which campaigns for a peaceful co-existence among communities, has condemned the group’s behaviour. He said: ‘We live in the UK and we are governed by UK law, there should be no mob rule. If people are involved in this behaviour then it is worrying but it is an isolated incident.’ . . .

Conversely, some super strict districts of appropriate size for appropriate devout communities might be good for free speech as well. Is there an area in England that is clearly zonable? Let these guys hang out there, pretty sure they will be bored, but all ‘bored phase’ people could then have a place to be bored at – i.e. clearly marked Hudud Zones (station those bearded, Shmaugh wearing, whip bearing guards in paramilitary faux Arab toggs (think beret wearing RELA from Malaysia but with boots with curled ends . . . ), hang up those skulls and limp flayed bodies or ‘Allah-nic’ symbols while at it.

Remember though, ONLY consensual Hudud Assenting types are allowed to be whipped by faux-Arab vigilantes – freedom of navigation meanwhile stands for all non-Muslims – within Council determined sets of behaviours (i.e. the Council could fine or bar streakers in this district but the Hudud-ites should not be allowed to touch all non-Muslims . . . if Muslims, they can lash away . . . bunch of BDSM poseurs demanding way too much representation (respect?) IMHO . . .)

ARTICLE 13 (2 Articles)

Cerabino: Satanists say, ‘Thank Scott!’ for inspirational message law giving them chance to spread the word – by Frank Cerabino (Palm Beach Post Staff Writer) – Posted: 5:44 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013

I spoke to a guy on Monday who goes by the title “Overlord.”

“I’m actually the No. 2 guy in the organization,” said the 30-year-old Massachusetts man who says his real name is Lucien Greaves.

“I would think ‘Overlord’ should be the name for the top guy,” I said.

Greaves said his group was actually still working out the titles of this fledgling religious organization that calls itself the Satanic Temple.

Which shouldn’t be confused with The Church of Satan, The First Satanic Church, The Friends of Satan, The Temple of Set, The Order of the Black Ram, The Werewolf Order, The Worldwide Church of Satanic Brotherhood, The Brotherhood of the Ram, Our Lady of Endor Coven, The Satanic Orthodox Church, The Nathilum Rite, or The Diabolus Infinitis Orsus. (Try the Brother Hood of the Rat, and also Spider with links to other venomous types . . . )

It’s a crowded field for Satanic start-ups, and getting street cred among the King-of-Hell set takes a little ingenuity.

Lucky for The Satanic Temple, the state of Florida has served up an opportunity for self-promotion that’s too devilishly temping to pass up.

The Satanists will be holding a thank-you rally Jan. 25 outside the Tallahassee office of our very own prince of darkness, Gov. Rick “Lord Voldemort” Scott.

For it was Scott and state lawmakers who thought they were pulling a fast one last year by coming up with a clumsily transparent law to create a forum for prayer in public schools.

The “inspirational message” law allows public school students the opportunity to address their peers with messages, including prayer, at school events. These inspirational messages, according to the law, cannot be edited or screened for approval by teachers or school administrators.

Wink, wink. It was the old Jesus end-around play.

Gov. Scott was urged not to sign the bill by the Anti-Defamation League, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Family Policy Council and the Liberty Counsel, a conservative Christian group that saw the law as a magnet for problematic constitutional challenges. But he did.

For the Satanists, it was a godsend.

“You don’t build up your membership unless people know about you,” said The Satanic Temple Overlord. “So this allows us to get our message out in public. We’re hoping it will reduce the stigmatism.”

The publicity stunt of rallying in support of Scott for his “unwavering fortitude and progressive resolve in his defense of religious liberty” will allow the Satanists to show up in their black robes and use the publicity to chum for new members and promote their online merchandising business.

Items for sale on http://www.thesatanictemple.com range from $6 “I ? Satan” pins, to $90 “Hail Satan” hoodies, to $130 ritual chamber robes that “can cover up to 6’6” and 300+ lbs of Satanist.”

Overlord said his group is very much in favor of getting their Satanic message to kids at school functions. Satan is very misunderstood, he said.

“Satan does ask us to do good among each other and follow our own path to happiness as long as it doesn’t encroach on others,” he said. “Faith-based initiatives like this one in Florida gives marginalized religions like ours a chance to be heard.”

I advised Overlord that Florida’s inspirational message law was drafted by those intending to promote Christianity, not Satanism, to reluctant ears.

“The letter of the law says that all religions are welcome,” the Overlord said. “So we take the governor at his word.”

Take the governor at his word? That’s a helluva thing to believe.

Satanists planning rally for Florida Gov. Rick Scott – by Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News | The Sideshow

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has some unexpected, and likely unwanted, new support (Logo from Satanic Temple website/Scott …

Florida Gov. Rick Scott may have earned himself a new constituency, but the devil is in the details.

Local news site WPBF.com reported that a group of Satanists plans to hold a rally outside Scott’s office on Jan. 25 to support the governor’s signing of a bill that allows students to pray at school events.

“We’ve gotten such a response, it’s just impossible for me to know what that translates into,” Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves told WPBF, regarding how many will show up at the rally.

“You don’t build up your membership unless people know about you,” Greaves said in a separate interview with the Palm Beach Post. “So this allows us to get our message out in public. We’re hoping it will reduce the stigmatism.”

The Satanic Temple was launched in 2012 with what Greaves described as being “more or less an online community.”

The group’s website describes itself as being different from other, better-known Satanic organizations. Greaves said the rally is part of a larger ongoing effort at making the group’s beliefs more commonplace in mainstream discussions of religion and belief. From the website:

“Though we have far to go before public education leads to a mainstream embrace of our Satanic religion, we feel that our own public ‘coming out’ will go a long way toward raising the consciousness of the populace … and the social environment has never yet been better prepared for the welcoming of a new Satanic era.”

The group’s founder, Neil Bricke, is scheduled to speak at the rally.

“We feel it’s time for Satanists to come out and say exactly who we are,” Greaves said.

So, what does Scott think of the newly organized support?

“This is a great country. Everyone has a voice,” Gov. Scott’s press secretary wrote in an email to ABCNews.com.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Take the governor at his word? That’s a helluva thing to believe.

Give the guy a chance. Besides if these  activities are within the consent and self-aware category, and legally conducted in private without alarming anyone, all right minded people should have no issue with the Satanists ‘coming out’. Better in the open and not discriminated than hated upon into a retaliatory state of mind. If Islamist Muslims can be tolerated, Satanists definitely are a friendlier face of religious diversity over, more fashionable to boot! If Buddhists can burn themselves in public which is far more alarming, then some’ friendlier than Hijab wearing Muslim’ looking Satanists (you can see a female Satanist’s face, but not a female Muslim’s), are that much more acceptable. Think Sith, but a non-violent and law abiding version. Look ma, no suicide belts!

(The above post was subsequently disavaowed as a hoax, but this *IS* USA and MSM, so make what you will of such retractions cowards, and let the REAL Overlords guide Satanism in the 21st, the top guy might be an Overlord ‘Exarch’ perhaps? . . .


Largest nudist association in the U.S. seeks corporate sponsorship to revamp their image and give them more exposure – by Daniel Bates – PUBLISHED: 17:09 GMT, 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 12:59 GMT, 15 January 2013

As attempts to get more exposure go, it is definitely somewhat on the bold side.

America’s largest nudist association is seeking corporate sponsorship to spread its message that shedding your clothes is a fun thing to do.

The American Association for Nude Recreation has said that it wants to follow the example of condom manufacturers and clean up its public image – with the help of someone like Nike.

The nation’s largest nudist association is looking for corporate sponsors, and leaders think this might be their moment in the sun

Revamp: Senior members of the nudist group hope that by associating itself with a major firm, many more people will come to accept that going nude is socially acceptable

Senior members hope that by associating itself with a major firm, many more people will come to accept that going nude is socially acceptable.

AANR¿s executive director Jim Smock said that with corporate sponsorship ‘we’re hoping we’ll give the association greater exposure’

Some in the AANR even liken its plight to that of the gay community in the 1960s – many nudists are in the closet and only need encouragement to ‘come out’.

So far the organization, which was founded 82 years ago, has appealed to around 100 companies including those its members often use, such as BullFrog sunscreens.

But with only three letters of rejection – the rest did not even bother to respond – things are not looking good.

The AANR claims that advertisers are missing a trick and that its 34,000 members in the U.S. and Canada – not to mention the 266 ‘Nakation’ places, where nudists go on vacation – mean it is an untapped market.

Not only that, but most are college educated, like to travel and have money to spend.

However companies are wary as associating yourself with the nudity might still be seen as a little seedy by some – and then there is the AANR’s image itself.

Karen Post, author of Brand Turnaround: How Brands Gone Bad Returned to Glory and the 7 Game Changers that Made the Difference, told the Wall Street Journal that its tagline: ‘The credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931’ had to be changed.

The website also needs a revamp – a somewhat bizarre video on the homepage invites viewers to ‘hang out poolside with AANR President Susan Weaver’.

The video shows her body covered with a towel, although it does not hide the mischievous grin on her face.

Also on the homepage is picture of a man with no clothes on and his modesty only protected by well-placed shading and a pair of glasses.

Under the section ‘Who are nudists?’ it says: ‘You’ll find a cross section of society enjoying nude recreation, with people representing all colors, religions, occupations, body types, age groups, and income brackets.

‘Without clothes, however, it’s less likely you’ll know a bank president from a bus driver.’

Dated: The website also needs a revamp – a somewhat bizarre video on the homepage invites viewers to ‘hang out poolside with AANR President Susan Weaver’

President: The video shows Susan Weaver’s body covered with a towel, although it does not hide the mischievous grin on her face

AANR’s executive director Jim Smock said that with corporate sponsorship ‘we’re hoping we’ll give the association greater exposure’.

He added: ‘No pun intended’

Among those companies which have been approached so far are Nike, Dove and Delta Faucet but they did not respond.

Insurance firm Geico got a letter as its mascot is always naked in the adverts, whilst Naked Pizza and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen were also contacted.

Cortland Beer Co. in upstate New York was approached as it sells Naked Lap Lager.

On its website the firm describes enjoying the beverage as being like ‘swimming naked on a hot August night’.

The brewery’s co-owner Dan Cleary told the Wall Street Journal that he said no to the AANR as at this time of year ‘I think it’s a little cold to be running around naked’.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Age relevant groupings and outings please! But for certain, this is democracy at work and like mentioned elsewhere, the day when hijab wearer prays beside dogging nudists in the same park or district, we will have known – if not truly be – on the way to world peace . . . ok lets get the plutocracy to distribute some of their wealth . . . Utopia!


47 states revolt against Obama gun control
Fed-up Americans: ‘We’re not going to accept this. We’re against it’

Chelsea Schilling is a commentary editor and staff writer for WND, an editor of Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert and a proud U.S. Army veteran. She has also worked as a news producer at USA Radio Network and as a news reporter for the Sacramento Union.More ?

Thousands of gun owners across America have had enough of the Obama administration’s attack on the Second Amendment – and they’re preparing to take their concerns to the capitols in at least 47 states this Saturday at 12 p.m.

Texan Eric Reed, founder and national  coordinator of the “Guns Across America” rallies, told WND he’s irritated about all the talk of new gun-control regulations and overreach by the federal government in violation of our Second Amendment rights.

“I was trying to figure out why people weren’t being more proactive about this, Reed said. “Then I realized I’m part of the problem. It takes somebody to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we’re not going to accept this. We’re against it.’

“We want Americans who feel the same way to come out. We want to stand up, be united and get our point across.”

As WND reported today, President Obama announce a sweeping set of directives he intends will cut down on Americans’ access to guns, setting the stage for a constitutional battle with states where lawmakers already are openly defying the latest power grab by the White House.

Obama’s plan would demand federal access to the details every time an uncle sells a .22 to a nephew, would ban some weapons outright through a limit on ammunition capacity, would waive medical privacy laws in some cases so individuals can be reported, and others.

The president also listed 23 executive orders he is preparing to implement.

“He’s essentially restricting and punishing all law-abiding American citizens,” Reed said. “He’s taking people who have never committed a crime in their lives and he’s trying to tell them that these guns are ‘assault weapons.’ Well, I’ve got guns in my home. If they’re ‘assault weapons,’ then mine must be defective because they haven’t assaulted anybody.”

Frustrated by the narrative coming out of Washington, Reed noted that “assault weapons” have been banned since 1934.

“The aesthetics of a rifle do not determine what an assault rifle is,” he said. “That’s what our elected officials in Washington, D.C., are trying to sell to the American people. I mean, if you take a body of a Ferrari and stick it on a Chevrolet, it’s still a Chevrolet. It’s going to perform like a Chevrolet; it’s just a cool-looking Chevrolet.”

Reed added that the media contribute to misinformation and confuse the public about so-called “assault weapons.”

“Part of it is ignorance of the media because a lot of them may not necessarily have a good idea of what an assault rifle is,” he said. “Another part of it is, most of the media do push a liberal spin. They’re helping to push through the political agenda that the Obama administration wants to pass right now.”

Thousands of Americans have taken to Facebook to support the pro-gun rallies this weekend.

“The people are pulling themselves away from their families and their personal obligations for one day because the Second Amendment is very important to them,” he said. “If these people are willing to take that kind of time out of their personal lives to try to tell Washington, D.C., something, those guys work for us. It’s their job to listen.”

While they may be tempted to sit the protest out, Reed warns citizens that time is running out.

“This is the most crucial time,” he said. “This is when all the laws and executive orders are coming down the pike. This is the time that we have to act, not next week, not next month. It’s now.

“If our Second Amendment rights are as important as we say they are, we need to come out and show it to the rest of America and Washington, D.C.”

Citizens are encouraged to bring pro-gun signs and their families to the rallies. A petition supporting Second Amendment rights will be circulated at each event.

Event organizers encourage attendees to follow all state gun laws.

So far, gun-rights advocates from at least 47 states are participating. All rallies begin at 12 p.m. local time:

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Bring guns with with cartridges filled with BLANKS and fire like mad AT THE organisers to make a point.


Burglar who had sex with dog sentenced : Rye building super, caught on video, gets 6 1/2 years 12:07 AM, Jan 16, 2013   |   – Kujtim Nicaj – Written by – Erik Shilling

Alan Kachalsky thought something in his Rye apartment was amiss for months — blinds drawn that had not been, a window left open that he had left shut. But nothing ever went missing, and, fearing he may come off as paranoid, Kachalsky never went to the police.

Instead, he set up three cameras and waited. Kachalsky, the longtime owner of a series of Labrador retrievers, shared his apartment at the Rye Colony Cooperative Apartments with a male Labrador puppy, Gunner, who, unbeknownst to Kachalsky, was the real target of the burglar.

The burglar, it turned out, wasn’t there to steal anything, Kachalsky said Tuesday, but for something far more unimaginable.

Kachalsky, an attorney, said it never occurred to him that someone was returning to have sex with his dog.

Kachalsky turned over the video to police, who questioned and arrested Kachalsky’s building superintendent, Kujtim Nicaj, on Feb. 9, 2012, for sex acts against the 1-year-old dog committed the day before.

Nicaj, 44, was sentenced Tuesday by Westchester County Judge Barry Warhit to 6 1/2 years in prison and 7 years’ probation after pleading guilty in October to burglary and sexual misconduct charges.

“This case was unusual to say the least,” Warhit said. “You exhibited cruelty to the animal. Your behavior was inexcusable.”

Nicaj said little Tuesday in Westchester County Court before his sentence, only telling Warhit that he had nothing to say. Steven Davidson, a lawyer for Nicaj, indicated after the proceedings that he might appeal the sentence, calling it unfair.

“We’ll do everything we can to protect his interests,” Davidson said, adding that Nicaj was doing well under the circumstances, “other than what his family is going through.”

Nicaj will also have to register as a sex offender after the completion of his sentence, as well as agree to stay away from Kachalsky, who demurred when asked whether he thought Nicaj got what he deserved.

“It’s above my pay grade,” Kachalsky said.

Nicaj, a 15-year resident of Rye, worked at the apartment complex for six years before his arrest, and Kachalsky said that the super seemed like a normal guy until one day, a few weeks before Kachalsky had set up the cameras, when the two had an odd run-in outside Kachalsky’s apartment.

“He said he had stopped by to check the gas,” Kachalsky said, even though the gas had been on for some time.

Finally, Kachalsky set up three cameras, which provided indisputable evidence — “a naked man, in your apartment, having sex with your dog,” Kachalsky said.

“I was wondering why someone would keep coming in here,” Kachalsky said. “I never noticed anything to make me think.”

A subsequent examination of Gunner by a veterinarian revealed no permanent physical damage, Kachalsky said, and the vet even expressed surprise that the soon-to-be 2-year-old pup could still interact normally with men.

The dog had always eagerly greeted visitors at the door, Kachalsky said, and still does, but on the video, with Nicaj, Gunner was abnormally passive.

“Gunner just sat on the couch,” Kachalsky said. “He did not get up.”

Now, Kachalsky said, Gunner is mostly back to his old self. He turns 2 years old on Jan. 25.

“Anytime anyone comes in, he’s all over ’em,” Kachalsky said. “He’s a terrific dog.”

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The jail term is a waste of time. Rather a tamper proof (probably welded? so Nicaj must be disallowed from buying welding equipment or using welders’ services – this is not too difficult to check as RFID bracelets can be set to go off for stores marked hardware or welding services) 1/2 to 1 foot warning transmitter/bracelet that reacts in close proximity to dogs with RFIDs should be enough.

If Nicaj is closer than 6 inches away from a registered animal for more than x-number of  seconds, the transmitter sends an SMS to the nearest police station or patrol car. Simple, cheaper and Nicaj can actually still work and contribute to the economy as well. Which taxpayer prefers this methods to paying for 6-7 years of jail when there isn’t enough money for food stamps? Meanwhile does a dog have the right to have sex with a ‘partner’ without the ‘owner’s permission? Is the concept of ‘owner’ viable if ever? I’m not advocating the act here, but in many ways this is strictly between the ‘offender’ and the dog only. Did the dog file a complaint?


Germany Takes Back Gold: US Dollar Collapsing : The dollar crisis, and America’s monetary collapse, has already begun.

Yesterday, Germany, Europe’s financial leader and owner of the world’s second-largest gold stockpile, demanded the United States’ Federal Reserve return over $200billion dollars’ worth of gold reserves to the German central bank. This rush for commodities, gold and precious metals in particular, are an indicator of a global loss of confidence in American fiat money, even despite its status as the world reserve currency. Public figures such as Ron Paul have correctly stated that people naturally move towards commodities such as gold and silver when confidence in a currency is lost; and Germany is no exception. But why is this happening?

The failure of the dollar can be linked to two major factors: debt, and inflation.

First and most importantly, government spending has skyrocketed since the 1960’s. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” began a massive upswing in spending which continued throughout the decades, culminating in the pervasive welfare state we have currently. Entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are the largest items on the government’s budget, dwarfing even America’s unparalleled military spending. These insolvent programs are simply too massive to be feasibly paid for, even with the most regressive and confiscatory tax plan. But instead of reducing spending, the government decided to simply take on more debt.

US debt has reached unimaginable levels, eclipsing the nation’s entire GDP; and neither party seeks to reduce it. Democrats are particularly fond of merely raising the debt ceiling, in the name of “fiscal responsibility” – like trying to pay off credit card debt with another credit card. But there is another trick up their sleeve: monetization of debt.

Government will issue bonds, which are then bought by the Federal Reserve using newly printed money, and thus increasing the money supply. This increase in the money supply is inflation, and it waters down the value of a consumer’s dollar. Currently, inflation stands at 11% – a rate which reflects the dollar’s 98% loss in value since 1913. Besides rising prices for consumers, other signs of inflation are present, such as Congress’s scheme to model American currency on Zimbabwe’s by printing a so-called “trillion dollar coin.”

In response to this loss of value in American currency, individuals and governments have begun the scramble for commodities like gold, which are worth a great deal on the open market. Germany is the second nation to pull its reserves from American holding. It marks a lack of faith in America’s rapidly inflating currency, and the ability of the American government to pay its debts. The dollar is destined to be worth less than its paper, and only those with hard commodities will have real purchasing power.

Start saving your coins and jewelry, because the dollar, and the government which prints it, are destined for catastrophe.

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USA could sell off ALL (or perhaps a number of States’?) exploration rights for Gold or any other single precious mineral or metal to a tune of the ENTIRE DEBT. Only EU or Russia or China or the Arabs or combination of the above groups could make an offer to clear USA’s debt reset of this sort. USA has the commodities but cannot keep raising the debt ceiling which has interest way above *GDP PROJECTIONS*.

Alternatively, USA could sell off Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska (if not a series of huge chunks of land for foreign national use under some form of autonomous or allodial title with obvious need for travel limitations etc.) to a friendly power for the same debt removal (meaning the country taking over will have to pay off the entire debt). USA loses 1 state but gets to reset debt to zero.

Microstate for debt solution not too bad? A sovereign ‘Ming the Merciless State’ ala Vatican in the middle of USA much like a USA controlled Guantanamo in Cuba might be worth the entire USA debt to China, Autonomous State of Ming in USA in exchange of ALL the US debt anyone? . . . then USA could focus on USA’s REAL enemies or ‘enemies’ instead of trying to to block the flood of interest payments ONLY and not even clearing capital debt . . .


Kerry’s investments scrutinized : Panel considers steps to prevent conflicts for secretary of state – by Bryan Bender – Globe Staff /  January 15, 2013

WASHINGTON — Senator John F. Kerry and his wife hold an array of international investments that could pose conflicts of interest for him as secretary of state, and an ethics review is already underway to determine whether he needs to divest holdings, put them in a blind trust, or recuse himself from some discussions, according to Obama administration officials.

Kerry’s 2012 financial disclosure statement details some of the investments that could be seen as problematic if, as expected, he is confirmed as secretary of state. Among them: shares in a Canadian oil company that is lobbying for the Keystone XL pipeline; a stake in Brazil’s energy giant, which was recently accused by Congress of flouting UN sanctions against Iran; and a large investment in a private equity firm seeking deals across Asia.

Such holdings could present conflicts for Kerry when advising the Obama administration on trade deals, diplomatic agreements, or other decisions that affect international economics, according to government ethics specialists and watchdog groups. In addition, his holdings in sustainable energy companies could be seen as in conflict with his expected efforts to curb global climate change.

“There is every reason to be concerned about this,” said Craig Holman, chief government affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen, a public interest group. “The Kerrys’ property is so extensive we are going to see conflicts arise with a series of issues, Keystone being one of them.”

The federal ethics review, which is well underway, was described by two senior government officials in the Obama administration who had direct knowledge of the vetting process. The officials said they were not allowed to speak about the matter on the record because the Kerry review has not been completed.

Kerry’s staff directed questions about possible conflicts to the White House. The White House declined Tuesday to discuss the ongoing ethics review but a senior administration official told the Globe, “As is routine for any Senate confirmed nominee, Senator Kerry’s financial disclosure form and ethics agreement will be released as part of the nomination and confirmation process.”

Teresa Heinz Kerry, the heir to the Heinz ketchup fortune, has been estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. Kerry, meanwhile, is ranked as the third richest member of Congress, worth an estimated $193 million in his own right, partly due to family trusts from his Forbes relatives.

The Kerrys’ financial and personal history was vetted by White House lawyers before he was nominated by President Obama last month. But a final review will have to be completed by the Office of Government Ethics to determine if the Kerrys need to divest additional holdings or place them in a blind trust.

The agency would also advise whether he would be eligible for waivers of ethics rules and whether he has to recuse himself from involvement in specific issues, according to the two officials with knowledge of the process.

Pooja Jhunjhunwala, a State Department spokeswoman, said that the department also is playing a leading role in ensuring that Kerry meets all government guidelines.

Some observers said Kerry’s financial position places the Obama administration in a particularly challenging position.

“It is very important that Senator Kerry be handled properly,” said Stephen D. Potts, who served as the head of the Office of Government Ethics under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. He said Kerry’s review is likely to prove far more complicated than usual — certainly far more than it was for outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former president.

Upon assuming office in early 2009, Clinton agreed to abdicate any role in her husband’s global foundation.

For Kerry, the list of possible conflicts is far lengthier. The Kerrys’ investments stretch from East Asia to Canada to Brazil, a global financial network that ethics lawyers must carefully map.

For example, records show he has up to $31,000 invested in the Canadian oil company Cenovus Energy, which has been lobbying for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to bring Canadian oil to refineries on the Gulf Coast of the United States. The green light for such a transnational project would have to be granted by the State Department.

Others are harder to track, such as Asia Alternatives Management LLC, a San Francisco-based private equity firm focusing investment on Asian countries, including China, Japan, and South Korea, according to its website. As of 2011, the Kerrys had at least $1 million invested in two separate funds, his disclosure reports show.Continued…

Bryan Bender can be reached at bender@globe.com. David Uberti can be reached at ­david.uberti@globe.com end of story marker

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This is the kind of example that should be set for 3rd world term limitless oligarch crony culture in 3rd world areas (every politician after 1 term becomes a millionaire, or salaries are more than 10 times annual wage – meaning they can retire after a single term in office . . . if they manage to last long they become BILLIONAIRES, their relatives all suddenly get promotions, lucrative GLC contracts that are RESOLD for %tage profit regardless of whether they have the skills or not, or all kinds of bureaucrat posts on taxpayer paid salaries etc..) that are pro-monopoly, reverse anti-trust.

In fact, if people like Kerry own up to conflict of interest or vested interest, knowing full well they will lose contracts or have to relinquish bureacrat posting opportunities (though more often than not, they don’t really needing the financial opportunities or even the posts either – give someone else a chance you oligarchs . . . millionaires, retirement-ready, had 15 minutes of ultra-fame . . . Governor or VP is quite alot already . . . and still don’t want to give others a chance to shine? (Damn but why you greedy f*** . . . ), USA will indeed be a ‘ethical benchmark setting’ nation for EXCEPTIONALISM rather than being used to justify the 3rd world’s ‘swybacked’, slimy collusion and crony economies, corruption and effective theft of tax funds, vested interests (i.e. Military-Industrial Complex, Banking-EducationFinanciar-Student-Debt-Complex) etc..

Cynical PAP has been around too long . . .



U.S. Supreme Court sinks Florida city over floating home – by Jonathan Stempel | Reuters

Fane Lozman’s houseboat is seen Riviera Beach, Florida, in this undated handout photo taken from court documents. When is a floating home not a vessel? In a ruling on Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court told a Florida city its argument did not hold water, and that an abode on water was nothing but a home. In a 7-2 decision, the court ruled that a gray, two-story home which its owner said was permanently moored to a marina in Riviera Beach, Florida, was not a vessel, depriving the city of power under U.S. maritime law to seize and ultimately destroy it. REUTERS/Handout
View Photo

Reuters/Reuters – Fane Lozman’s houseboat is seen Riviera Beach, Florida, in this undated handout photo taken from court documents. When is a floating home not a vessel? In a ruling on Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme …more

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When is a floating home not a vessel? The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday told a Florida city its argument did not hold water, and that an abode on water was nothing but a home.

In a 7-2 decision, the court ruled that a gray, two-story home that its owner said was permanently moored to a Riviera Beach, Florida, marina was not a vessel, depriving the city of power under U.S. maritime law to seize and destroy it.

Justice Stephen Breyer said nothing about former Chicago trader and Marine pilot Fane Lozman’s home that would have led a “reasonable observer” to conclude it could be used to transport people or things over water, but for the fact that it floated.

“Not every floating structure is a ‘vessel’,” Breyer wrote for the majority. “To state the obvious, a wooden washtub, a plastic dishpan, a swimming platform on pontoons, a large fishing net, a door taken off its hinges, or Pinocchio (when inside the whale) are not ‘vessels’.”

Riviera Beach, near Palm Beach, had seized Lozman’s home after he resisted a court order that he pay $3,040 in dockage fees, and destroyed it after being unable to sell it.

Tuesday’s decision reversed a lower-court ruling upholding the fees, and clears the way for Lozman to seek compensation.

Pamela Ryan, the city attorney for Riviera Beach, said in a statement she was disappointed with the ruling but accepts it, and that the city will revise its marina policies.

Lozman, 51, cheered the decision. “I feel like I’m floating on a cloud,” he said in a phone interview. “I have been fighting this city for 6-1/2 years and it is humbling to get a reversal.”

He said he now lives in North Bay Village, a suburb of Miami, and owns a financial software display company.

The definition of “vessel” is particularly important, given that admiralty law imposes different obligations on owners with respect to such things as staffing and taxation.

It is also a victory for the casino industry, which in court papers argued that more than 60 riverboat casinos should not be subject to U.S. maritime laws designed to protect seamen, on top of state laws to license and regulate the gaming business.

The decision limits special rules and remedies of maritime law to matters that “genuinely involve maritime commerce and transportation,” Jeffrey Fisher, a Stanford University law professor who represented Lozman, said in a phone interview. “That something floats and might be towed from Point A to Point B does not mean those rules and remedies should apply.”


Lozman bought the 60-by-12 foot home in 2002. Four years later, he towed it to a Riviera Beach marina, where he kept it docked.

Although he was able to move the home in this manner, Lozman said it should not be covered by maritime law because it lacked the usual seafaring features such as a motor and GPS device, and needed land-based sewer lines and an extension cord for power.

The legal battle started after Lozman resisted new rules governing houseboats at his marina and opposed a proposed $2.4 billion luxury redevelopment of the marina.

In his opinion for the court, Breyer said the decision was consistent with the laws of California and Washington that also treat structures like Lozman’s as land-based homes.

“Consistency of interpretation of related state and federal laws is a virtue” because it makes the law easier to understand and follow, Breyer said.

Joining Breyer’s opinion were Chief Justice John Roberts, and Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy, dissented, in the term’s first dissenting votes from a full court opinion. Sotomayor objected to the “reasonable observer” standard adopted by the majority.

The case is Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach, Florida, U.S. Supreme Court, No. 11-626.

(Editing by Howard Goller, Mohammad Zargham and Grant McCool)

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If enough Congressmen, Governors and Senators decided that taxes for all non-profit making craft or buildings or what not are abolished entirely or only taxed, based against National Annual Average Wage (i.e. if national average wage is X-dollars then perhaps only 100 times that may be sequestered yearly by any corporation or individual, the remainder gets channelled back to wealth distribution or social and medical services which should be entirely free or subsidised based on quota rather than profit oriented), this would not be an issue as well. The principles based ruling and reading here is positive though. If only such logic could be applied to the economy and distribution of unused state land to the homeless, or the limiting of maximum sequesterable wealth of the richest based on the poverty level of the demographic or state of national debt.


New Hampshire Attractions – April 21. 2011 3:44PM

248 Nutting Hill Road
Mason, NH 03048
Ph: 603-878-1151

This cozy 1786 cottage once inspired a local artist’s illustrations in a 1948 version of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Today the cottage houses a book store, a “Little Red Riding Hood” museum, and a gourmet restaurant. Herbal themed five-course luncheons are served daily, prepared with fresh herbs harvested from the gardens that surround the cottage. More than five acres of herbs and perennial gardens complete with old-fashioned bee skeps, birdhouses and meandering brick pathways are there to explore. A rustic old barn is home to an Herb Shop. A second barn contains a Garden Shop and Greenhouse. Menu changes monthly. Reservations recommended. Open all year except on major holidays. Two miles off Rte. 31.


Grimm Brothers Theme Park (uc targeted)
Disney Theme Park (mc targeted)
Arcade (lc targeted)

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Actually the place where LRRH’s ‘Grandma’ is depicted should be a rather unwanted sort of place which was less than hospitable to farming, with poor depleted or degraded soil and overgrown with inedible weeds (bracken and bramble? poison ivy?) or some half dead trees rather than this herbs and candles new age organic stuff WITHOUT THE WOLF. The whole story wouldn’t be complete without the Wolf! How about a faux ‘wolf-eat-you‘ session for the kids using some plush mascot suits? LRRH being eaten doesn’t have to be gory, and can even be a useful lesson about strangers if scripted in a kids oriented manner.

Weak! This probably is run by one of those anti-2nd amendment people who want nothing less than the removal of the ‘male principle’ in the country called USA alongside removing actual guns. Theres the women (Grandma), the children (LRRH) but the men (i.e. Wolf) get cut out. GREAT. More New Agey or even Wiccan, especially with the herb and candle stuff – than Grandma-esque also. Whats so little Red Riding Hood about this place anyway??? This is all ‘Grandma’ or ‘New Age’  or ‘Feminist’ only. Accuracy in representation PLEASE!


‘I knew what sex entailed aged three or four’: Daughter of porn king opens up about her unconventional childhood – by Sadie Whitelocks – PUBLISHED: 17:53 GMT, 15 January 2013 | UPDATED: 19:02 GMT, 15 January 2013

The daughter of one of America’s most notorious pornographers has opened up about her unconventional upbringing.

Liberty Bradford Mitchell, 42, grew up in San Francisco where her father and uncle founded the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, which doubled up as an x-rated movie theater and strip club.

A ‘sensitive, dreamy, nervous child’, she said she knew what sex entailed aged three or four and was given her first safe-sex talk by her father’s porn star girlfriend as an adolescent.

Story to tell: Liberty Bradford Mitchell, the daughter of the late porn king Artie Mitchell, has opened up about her unconventional childhood in San Francisco

Ms Mitchell, who is now based in Los Angeles with her two children, explained in a YouTube video: ‘In fact I knew – without knowing I knew – what sex entailed by age three or four when one afternoon I followed by dad into the screening room at the O’Farrell.

‘My Uncle Jim and their cronies were reviewing the prior day’s filming… I sidled up into a chair next to my daddy crossed my arms and just like him starred analytically at the projection on the wall.

Flashback: Ms Mitchell pictured with her father Artie as a child during the Seventies

Ms Mitchell is currently developing The Pornographer’s Daughter, a one-woman show detailing her story, which is set to premiere in March at a theater in Venice, Los Angeles.

In the opening of the show, previewed by the San Francisco Chronicle, Ms Mitchell says, ‘I was born a Leo in the summer of 1970. My parents were hippies who dropped way too much acid before naming their children.

‘They emerged as pioneers of the porn industry, became millionaires, and poured a lot of money into Mercedes, marijuana and cocaine, lap dances, poker games and high jinks.’

Ms Mitchell’s father Artie and his brother Jim opened the O’Farrell Theatre on July 4, 1969.

‘They poured a lot of money into Mercedes, marijuana and cocaine, lap dances, poker games and high jinks’

By the Eighties the nightspot had helped to popularize lap dancing, and it remains one of America’s oldest and most notorious adult-entertainment establishments.

The late journalist Hunter S.Thompson, who worked as night manager at the strip club, declared it as ‘the Carnegie Hall of public sex in America’ while Playboy magazine said it was ‘the place to go in San Francisco.’

Ms Mitchell said that her family’s antics made school difficult and when her friends talked about what their parents did for a living she would reply: ‘My dad makes movies with naked people.’

Her mother, Meredith Bradford, an East Coast WASP, later told her to tell people that her father was a fisherman.

‘My mom said that people wouldn’t understand, and that it was OK to say he was a fisherman, which was partly true,’ Ms Mitchell explained.

However when she went to college she said that the other students thought it was ‘awesome’ that her dad owned a strip club and she would take groups on ‘field trips’.

Center of attention: Ms Mitchell, pictured as a teenager, said that her college friends thought it was ‘awesome’ that her father owned a strip club and they would go on trips to the O’Farrell Theatre

Double act: Brothers Jim and Artie Mitchell opened the O’Farrell Theatre on July 4, 1969

During the Seventies Jim and Artie Mitchell produced a string of adult-film hits, including Resurrection of Eve and Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last 7 Days.

But their most successful title was Behind the Green Door, starring model and actress Marilyn Chambers.

The movie, which cost around $60,000 to make, reportedly earned $25 million and both brothers were invited to the Cannes Film Festival as a result.

But over the years their partnership became increasingly strained and on Febuary 27, 1991, it reached breaking-point.

‘My mom said that people wouldn’t understand, and that it was OK to say dad was a fisherman’

Triggered by a dispute over the future of their business Jim shot Artie to death at his home in Corte Madera, California.

Ms Mitchell, the eldest of three, was 20 years old when her father died.

Recalling the incident she told the San Francisco Chronicle: ‘My mom called and told me my dad was murdered – and by my uncle.

‘Jim had grabbed a rifle and a pistol, drove from his house at Ocean Beach to Corte Madera, where my dad was renting a house. He slashed my dad’s tires and went in and just started shooting.’

Jim claimed that the shooting was an accident that happened when he was trying to persuade Artie – whose nickname was Party Artie – to seek help for drug and alcohol addiction.

However prosecutors said the killing was a cold-blooded act and Jim was sentenced to six years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

He was released from San Quentin in 1997, having served three years, and died on July 12, 2007 at his ranch near Petaluma, California aged 63.

Stirring emotions: Ms Mitchell as a toddler pictured with her mother, Meredith Bradford, and porn king father Artie – the couple divorced when she was six years old
X-rated hit: Behind the Green Door, starring Marilyn Chambers. was one of the Mitchell brothers most successful films reportedly earning $25million

Talking about her father before he met his death Ms Mitchell added: ‘My dad was tired of the business, and at that point, it kind of ran itself.

‘He’d go and play golf and fish. But he was having a hard time with the drugs.’

Rated X, a film based on the Mitchell Brothers lives, appeared on Showtime in 2000. Directed by Emilio Estevez, it starred Estevez as Jim and Estevez’s brother, Charlie Sheen, as Artie.

The O’Farrell Theatre is now managed by Jim Mitchell’s oldest daughter, Meta Jane Johnson, and her brother, Justin Mitchell.

Another brother, James Raphael Mitchell, served as the theater’s director of film operations until 2011 when he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for murdering the mother of his one-year-old daughter with a baseball bat.
Hotspot: Hunter S.Thompson, who worked as night manager at the O’Farrell Theatre, declared it as ‘the Carnegie Hall of public sex in America’ while Playboy said it was ‘the place to go in San Francisco’

Hotspot: Hunter S.Thompson, who worked as night manager at the O’Farrell Theatre, declared it as ‘the Carnegie Hall of public sex in America’ while Playboy said it was ‘the place to go in San Francisco’

After leaving the family nest Ms Mitchell went on to study at the University of Southern California and the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where she met her future husband.

After college she focused on marriage and children, and later got a job under California’s first lady, Maria Shriver, producing her women’s conferences.

Reflecting on her upbringing Ms Mitchell, who is currently going through a divorce, said: ‘People say to me, ”How are you so normal?” I got married. I have kids. A job. I have a sense of humor. Not everyone comes out of stuff like this.’

She explained that writing and talking about her life has helped her to come to terms with her situation and she has finally forgiven her parents, who divorced when she was six years old.

‘My parents were not out to harm us. They were counterculture. The theater was opened on July 4, 1969, in this era of free love.

‘They thought we didn’t understand what we were being exposed to, and that nudity can be considered art. Now, of course, that sounds ridiculous.’

Commentator comments :

She manage to balance her life despite her upbringing

– bernie , s.f, 15/1/2013 22:07

Is there a reason other your reporting? No one knows her, the only reason I can see is because its related to shut and it furthers your sexualisation agenda.

– PD118 , Belfast Ireland, 15/1/2013 22:00

What an awful thing to have been exposed to through childhood!! poor woman.

– Dara , London, United Kingdom, 15/1/2013 21:51

What an awful thing to have been exposed to through childhood!! poor woman.

– Dara , London, United Kingdom, 15/1/2013 21:51

She has turned out to be alright despite her horrible upbringing.

– lima , somewhere in, Serbia, 15/1/2013 21:21

what a great childhood…NOT! cant believe she was raised like this

– Red , London, 15/1/2013 20:22

No matter what this lady saw, I can’t believe she knew what she was seeing aged three or four. When I was eleven, my friend showed me pictures of people having sex which belonged to her older brother. I expressed shock and made the same comments she did, but I honestly couldn’t make out anything or even which way up to hold the pics. Her dad and his brothers sound horrible.

– corlummy , Lanark, United Kingdom, 15/1/2013 20:16

Poor little girl being exposed to that. Disgusting.

– MGolden , Seattle, 15/1/2013 20:12

“she has finally forgiven her parents, who divorced when she was six years old…’They thought we didn’t understand what we were being exposed to, and that nudity can be considered art. Now, of course, that sounds ridiculous.'” // I take it she hasn’t been to an art gallery? And she didn’t exactly write of have been traumatised, other than going thru her parents’ divorce, so for what has she forgiven them?

– Guerrilla , in the urban jungle, 15/1/2013 20:00

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

There are so many non-porn types who have degrees, great families, lots of respect in society, are millions worth, yet kill themselves or others, or destroy the lives of others. Unless alot is being hidden, these article’s supposed ‘adult industry people’ are cool parents . . . then look at the psychos whipping and poisoning away in the 3rd world for perceived infarctions which are no more than mental wanderings . . . so pornographers could actually be less abusive and better parents than people with good degrees . . .  Can destroyed minds be repaired for wanting to be free but punished beyond human capacity for normalcy? Please help . . .


Man ‘ran £1m-a-year brothel where City traders paid £500 an hour for cocaine-fuelled sex sessions with Eastern European prostitutes’ – by Hugo Gye PUBLISHED: 17:32 GMT, 18 January 2013 | UPDATED: 17:41 GMT, 18 January 2013

Sorient Sigba, 54, accused of organising drivers to take traders from City nightclubs to brothel
Operation busted by police who went undercover posing as clients

A pimp charged City workers up to £510 an hour for cocaine-fuelled sex with Eastern European prostitutes, a court heard today.

Sorient Sigba allegedly sent chauffeurs to City strip clubs to ferry revellers to the mews house in central London where they would pay hundreds for sex and drugs.

Prosecutors say the brothel took in £1million a year before it was shut down by police who targeted it in an undercover sting.

Sting: Sogba was allegedly caught by police after they launched an undercover investigation

Brothel: Sorient Sigba, left, is accused of joining Vera Fosuhene, right, in providing prostitutes to City workers

When men arrived at the house, they were met by scantily clad prostitutes reclining on leather sofas before being taken into one of three bedrooms, Southwark Crown Court heard.

The wealthy customers were allegedly charged £300 an hour if they paid cash, or £390 by card, with wraps of cocaine provided for £60.

Vanilla sex is OUT, porn addiction is IN: Disturbing survey reveals how porn is damaging our relationships

Sigba, 54, is alleged to be one of three men who ran the sex den in Holborn and split the profits between them.

‘We say that Sorient Sigba was, to use the vernacular, the pimp,’ prosecutor Christiaan Moll told the court.

‘He was in charge of hiring, firing and paying the girls, and Freddy was the name that the defendant was known by at the establishment.’
Sorient Sigba

Sting: Sogba, pictured outside court today, was allegedly caught by police after they launched an undercover investigation

Simon Earl has already pleaded guilty to managing the brothel, while Michael Wallen has admitted laundering £946,776 of profit between January and October 2011.

Brothel madam Vera Fosuhene, 46, pleaded guilty to managing a brothel and supplying cocaine. All three will be sentenced at the conclusion of Sigba’s trial.

Mr Moll said an email to Sigba found at Earl and Wallen’s Greenwich office read: ‘Freddy, drivers’ names mean nothing to me, that is what you are supposed to be doing.

‘Simon deals with the flat and cards, I deal with the figures and you deal with the girls and the drivers.’

But the prosecutor told jurors: ‘Just because Earl, Wallen and Fosuhene have pleaded guilty does not mean that this defendant Mr Sigba is guilty.

‘What it does mean is that there was a conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, and a conspiracy to transfer criminal property, and there was a brothel where drugs were sold.

‘The question for you to consider is whether this defendant was knowingly playing a part in this enterprise.’

The court heard the brothel was targeted as part of a police operation aimed at smashing London vice rings.

Undercover officers visited the property on three occasions after being approached by mini-cab drivers outside the City Burlesque club in Farringdon.

Mr Moll said that during the first visit in July 2011 the door to the brothel was opened by Fosuhene.

‘Inside the lounge there were five scantily clad girls of eastern European origin aged approximately 20 to 25 years old,’ said the barrister.

‘Angelina asked the officer how long he wanted, and when he stated he wanted an hour she told him it would cost £300.’

During a second visit in October 2011 a Jaguar, later found to be registered to Sigba, was parked outside the property and Sigba opened the door to the brothel, Mr Moll said.

The officer apparently asked if he could buy two wraps of cocaine, and was charged £120 for the drugs.

Police raided the brothel later that day and discovered envelopes stuffed with cash, worksheets, a letter addressed to Earl, and a sex toy.

When officers arrested Sigba at his office they found a hire purchase agreement for a Jaguar seen outside the brothel, and worksheets identical to those found there.

Mr Moll said: ‘That links him in, we say, with what was happening at the brothel.’

When they searched his home address they discovered paperwork relating to a two-bed property in Mayfair and a bag of sex toys.

Sigba, of Barnehurst in Kent, denies conspiracy to control prostitution for gain and conspiracy to transfer criminal property.

The trial continues.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Despite the wonky names and possible falseness or contrived nature of the article, an example response for a potentially false article will be indulged the vicious minded MSM psyche dullards and fundos anyway, who cannot reconcile the diversity of mankind’s expression, in this case organic psychedelics and adult industry.

Sigba, of Barnehurst in Kent, denies conspiracy to control prostitution for gain and conspiracy to transfer criminal property. Legalise and tax. All charges redundant, the legal system becomes freer to clear up backlogs of cases. This is a matter of perception, one man’s crime is another man’s entertainment. Try Mexicos ‘legal small quantity’ laws, Netherlands psychedelics organics bars, Zona de Tolerancia for Adult Work, or RLDs in Singapore and Taiwan, germany, Australia and New Zealand’s enlightened laws on sex work.

£300 to £500? That is excessive charging considering that the more boisterous among men can have sex up to 10 times a day (30 times a month once daily would cost 9000, thats a ridiculous sum considering that students 100s of 1000s in debt from education are JOBLESS)  or for drug users as many times using. If 401K is the benchnark for retirement, this sort of pricing would allow a sex worker to retire after 1 month of work. The payout should be to the limit of sexual stamina (perhaps servicing 10-20 in 8 hour shifts  for from reports up to 20-30 persons a day around a 5 day week) . . . balanced against salary levels no more than for highest paid degree holders (no more than 20 to 30K a month typically – where salary is concerned, THERE ARE NO CEO adult workers, every adult worker can get plastic surgery to look perfect so after a premium is paid, there is no difference) or minimum national average wage for each act at average or low levels, servicing 2-3 or 5-15 in 8 hour shifts for mid level management payouts also around a 5 day week.

This is why marriage or owning a harem is cheaper and hat is why adult work which charges too excessively to compensate for lack of state recognition and ends up in a vicious cycle of disapproval and over-compensatory charging for services. If the state issues legal recognition and pensions for dedicated adult workers, the criminality and guilt factor also ends. To include socialism  perhaps sex workers could be limited in the wealth they are allowed to sequester 4.01 Million should be reasonable?

Why not 20 million? Simply to discourage people from joining adult industry work – the degree debt incurring free, now pensioned as suggested, relaxing hobby en masse to the exclusion of other forms of work. They get rich fairly quickly if they work really hard but by such limits won’t be allowed to dominate the entire social scene because of the wealth limits. The imbalance of excessive charges without quotas (sometimes up to 1-2 thousand a session) would actually allow such people to laze around and just have sex on the weekends, something which the criminalsation of sex work intends to do to protect the institution of marriage and the low paid worker.

Frankly the main issues with sex and drugs are :

a) declaration of drug user persons to non-drug users (after a period of detox the 2 are the same again)
b) declaration of sex worker user to non-sex worker users (or those who take a moral view – equally valid as those who do not)
c) trafficking and abuse of sex workers
d) a class hierarchy issue based around morality
e) overpricing of services for what is essentially free and a basic necessity of sorts
f) lack of state recognition and refusal of state to pension adult workers
g) the Orwellian/feminist agenda in controlling sexual or organic psychedelics availability (everytime there is pleasure, there will be people seeking to use pleasure to manipulate other people)
h) the replacement of conventional work with sex work (this is a problem only if prices are excessive)
i) the fostering of a less emotionally attached, materialist sexuality (rather than spiritual sexuality) oriented humanity (again an issue of choice)

As for drugs, these things unless synthetic are actually FREE to grow and do not cost as much as charged here, which is a form of commercial fraud. If the dealers charge at levels as if they were nursery owners selling leaves (or petals and seeds, mushrooms) harvested from potted plants, and the state did not fine people for using organic psychedelics while ensuring the places that sell such goods had proper rooms that users could come down from highs in (safety and no chance of OD, perhaps even with an in-house doctor for the larger establishments) instead of creating havoc outside

, the penalty for use of drugs would be only for being in non-drug use zones or buildings, and the price of drugs would be quite low (actually grows freely in the wild or can be cultivated by man for no cost – what right have any group of people to demand another group to not use any ‘substance’ especially naturally growing plants?).

The blackmail effect of illegality and import costs are the main issue. If grown locally and used within premises where users could be protected in case of any ‘bad trips’ or overdoses, organic psychedelics would also be a non-issue.  Perhaps the government could sell the same at cheap prices to remove the need for criminality, if these plants are sold as cheaply as alcohol and cigarettes, there would be no need to commit crimes to access or associate with ‘criminals’. An ethics test could be given to users as well to determine who is suitable or allowed to use the drug outside such zones or neighbourhoods if needed or possible.

Earl, Wallen and Fosuhene have not thought through these basic freedoms of man, nor have they decided to fight for their right to use things that nature freely gave, though overcharging for adult sex worker commission/recommendations should at most  be punished by returning of monies to the users of their services to the degree of mentioned maximum fees based around annual wage or the 401K wealth sequestration level.  They don’t need jail or fines, they need to fight for their right to organic psychedelics venues and adult venues!

At 40K a year per prisoner, if the above adult work and organic psychedelics legalisations are considered, savings could reach for 100,000 so-called ‘offenders’ could reach 40 billion AND also allow 100,000 people to contribute taxes (at 1-3% a daily minimum wage of 30 would yield 3x365x100,000 or 109 million dollars! Instead of 40K x 100,000 in taxpayer monies being wasted on prison. Instead of punishing people for consensual activity or using natural plants for entertainment and therapeutic relaxation, legalise, price control and monitor, the government is not supposed to be a parent or confessor, a government must be more than a dictator or fundo, and must be able to understand all groups – and understand this post’s logic as well as apply the same in law writing. Remember Prohibition of Alcohol? Such laws are CREATING ‘criminals’ who are standing up for themselves (though too many get greedy and evil in the process).